Train At Wenatchee’s Only Nationally Accredited Cosmetology School

If you are interested in a career that is on the cutting edge – consider the growing field of beauty culture! Our training facility provides a state of the art school utilizing the latest equipment and products and techniques. The Beauty Academy offers you the choice of different career paths in hair design and beauty culture.

It is our intent at the Beauty Academy to continually provide an equal opportunity of learning to our students with the best possible curriculum, facilities, staff and instructional aids in order to train and prepare them for a career in Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. By combining current technology, advanced ideas with a sense of professionalism and style we can assist our graduates with the best possible career placements. By teaching our students to communicate effectively, listen to their clients, and come away with a clear understanding of what it means to offer customer service, they will have the fundamental skills needed to build a foundation to grow clientele upon.

The occupational outlook for cosmetology, skin care and manicuring careers are very promising. The salon and spa industry continues to grow at a tremendous rate employing large numbers of professionals.