Deliver on your promise

The first time a client walks into your salon, you make an impression. They notice the atmosphere and the employees who greet them. You also want to leave them with what they came for: a great experience that will have them coming back again and again. But how do you do this? Here are some tips on what you can offer in order to give your clients not just one visit but many visits!
-Your new customers might be hesitant about making their first appointment or buying products from you if they don’t know anything about your company yet, so it is important to provide information that educates and excites them. This could include social media channels, blogs, newsletters or any other type of informational content like videos or images.

Build a plan with the clients

You’re a salon owner and you want to attract clients from other salons. What do you need? A plan. Here are the top five things that will make your new customer happy, which is what we all want as business owners: 1) Offer a free skin consultation at the beginning of the experience 2) Provide an interactive social media presence 3) Offer monthly specials 4) Have employees with great personalities 5) Give them instant gratification by providing products for purchase, like lipstick or mascara in their favorite color. If they buy something, offer them 10% off on their next visit! These are just some ideas- find out what works best for your salon!

Give the unexpected extra

If you are a salon owner or makeup artist, this blog post is for you. If not, then it might be time to start considering your options! As a business owner, you have probably considered the importance of marketing and advertising your services in order to attract new clients. However, with so much competition out there from other salons and spas – how do you make yourself stand out? The answer is simple: give the unexpected extra!
This blog will teach you some tips on how to do just that. We’ll cover everything from what products work best for different skin types to giving an event-ready look even if it’s only day-to-day wear.

Build an experience around your offer

The key to attracting clients from other salons is to offer an experience around your offer. How do you create this environment? You can start by making the salon a place where people want to be, with things like music and lighting that make it pleasant for customers. What about the products? Offer more than just hair cuts and color services; add in manicures, facials, waxing and makeup applications as well. And finally, book events (think: live music) that are related to what you offer so clients will feel drawn into a lifestyle they might not have been aware of before.

Run a loyalty program or memberships

You may not realize it, but you’re already an expert in something that a lot of people are looking for. You know how to do hair and makeup! Which means you have a skill set that could make you money if only you had the right tools. And maybe even more importantly, the right connections. But what if I told you there’s one way to get both? That’s where we come in…
Peer-to-peer networking can be your ticket to new clients from other salons who want access to someone with your skillset without having to pay full price for them every time they need them. Your own personal salon on demand!